Weapons of Mess Destruction!

Weapons of mess destruction

MISSION:   Go in store and locate two weapons designed to eliminate disorder in microwaves and ovens

TASK:   Use the weapons to clean and restore the appearance of any microwave and oven you come into contact with

HINT:  Choose your weapons wisely as only ‘Supreme’ products will do the following:

  • Demolish all traces of grease and grime
  • Maintain the integrity of your appliance with no corrosive effects left behind
  • The weapons are sufficient, no additional chemicals or ammunition required
  • Consider food safety
  • Leave behind a pleasant aroma
  • Not require you to quarantine your kitchen
  • Not require you to cancel your weekend plans

WARNING:  If any traces of grease and grime are detected you will be eliminated.

OUTCOME: Two weapons have been identified for mess destruction, New Plush Supreme Microwave Oven Cleaner and Plush Supreme Oven Cleaner. Informants have revealed that these products have been developed with the sole mandate of removing resistant dirt and grime in microwaves and ovens. Both products can be traced back to major retailers and obtained from R45.99.