The more you care, the more you save

Maintaining the appearance and condition of your shoes will save you the cost of buying new shoes regularly. Investing in shoe care products will ensure you keep your coveted pairs for longer, giving you more time to save up for those Louis Vuitton’s or Jimmy Choo’s.

There are several types of shoe textiles available of which leather, suede and several types of animal skin are the most popular. To get the most out of shoe care products, make sure you first know what the material make up of your shoes is, as choosing the wrong product can seriously damage your shoes. Once you understand the composition of your shoes, shopping for the right products becomes a breeze.

TOTM Oct 2018Plush specialises in Leather and Suede care with an extensive range of care products designed for the upkeep of these items. Plush Leather and Suede & Nubuck Cleaners are available in aerosol cans created to clean and boost the appearance of all leather and suede shoes. Plush Leather and Suede & Nubuck Renew cans are developed to inject colour while cleaning and reviving the appearance of your shoes.

In addition to leather and suede products, Plush also offers a Takkie cleaning range as well as specialist refreshing and conditioning products for added care. Plush is your trusted brand to make more memories with your old and new shoes.