Tip of the Month – Takkie Range

With our range of Takkie care products, your canvas shoes will look clean and as good as new all the time!

The newly launched Takkie Clean product is a liquid shoe shampoo that cleans and removes odours leaving a lasting fresh fragrance on your shoes. It is ideal for all colours of canvas, nylon, rubber, vinyl and nylon mesh shoes.

Takkie Black, Takkie White or Takkie Navy restores the original colour of canvas shoes, keeping them looking clean and fresh.

How to use these products together:

    • ALWAYS remember to first test these products on a small area of the item to be treated, which does not show, to ascertain suitability.
    • Fill a 5 Litre bucket with clean tap water (room temperature) and add 30ml of Takkie Clean.
    • Agitate to create a foamy working solution.
    • Soak your shoes in the water for about 10min. For stubborn stains, gently scrub your takkies.
    • Rinse your shoes with clean water and allow to partially dry.
    • Renew colour of your takkies by applying Takkie Black, Takkie White or Takkie Navy to your clean, damp takkies. TIP: Spread thin layer of petroleum jelly on rubber bumpers of shoes to prevent discolouring of the bumpers.


Takkie Clean is priced from R35.99 and Takkie Black/Takkie White/Takkie Navy are priced from R33.99 each. These products are available from all leading retailers.