Pure Pine Perfection

Nothing beats the feeling of a real clean home!

Pine Gel is one of the most versatile cleaning products around and a must-have for every home!  It is made from 100% pure, all natural, Pine oil and is concentrated for a tougher clean. It will clean all tough dirt and stains while neutralizing odours, leaving behind a long lasting, fresh Pine fragrance. Trust Plush Supreme Pine Gel to fight your toughest cleaning battles in one fuss-free step.

NEW to this range are the Plush Supreme Pine Oil Spray and Foam Spot/Stain Remover. Both conveniently designed to effortlessly remove stains on clothing, fabric and upholstery. All three products are available in major retailers.

Pine Oil S&F 2How to use Pine Oil Spray and Foam Spot/Stain Remover

  • First test on a small inconspicuous area.
  • Shake the spray or can well and position 15 cm from the stained area.
  • Spray directly onto the stain and rub with a clean cloth.
  • For older stains, spray and let the foam sit for 10min then rub with a cloth, repeat until stain has lifted.



How to use Pine Gel

  • Simply add 50ml of Plush Supreme All Purpose Pine Gelto your bucket, fill with water and you’re ready to clean.
  • Use Pine Gel undiluted on stubborn dirt to clean washable household items.
  • For use on all modern household surfaces, cars, floors, walls and tiles.
  • In the case of tough grease and grime, leave Pine Gel for approximately 10 minutes to cut through the dirt for best results.