This time of year in South Africa, we absolutely love spending time outdoors!

Whether you’re having a feast in the open air, under a veranda or on the patio, it’s important to keep all your outdoor wooden, metal and stainless steel items looking great!

Materials such as wood, metal and stainless steel are durable enough for outdoor use. With time however, wear and tear will inevitably happen much quicker if you don’t clean and maintain all your outdoor items!  Our advice to you – Trust Plush Supreme to keep them looking in top shape!

For Outdoor Wood:

Mother Nature works hard to help the decaying process of wood. That’s why you should select wood and wood finishes that can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. Maintain the finish and occasionally clean and nourish it with Wooden Furniture Oil and Liquid Wooden Floor Polish from Plush Supreme.

For wooden architecture, furniture or window frames:

Plush Supreme Wooden Furniture Oil, available for dark and light wood, will nourish and protect the wood and bring out the natural grain, giving it a deep shine! Click on the link to see how to use: http://plush.co.za/plush-tip-of-the-month/wooden-furniture-care-101/

For a Wooden Deck:

For a real wooden deck (not laminated!), use Plush Supreme Liquid Wooden Floor Polish. Always test product on a small inconspicuous area and apply product sparingly, allowing proper absorption overnight. Simply sweep your deck, shake bottle well and squirt a small amount directly on to the wooden deck floor. Then buff in circular motions, using a soft cloth or an electric polisher. Do not rinse afterwards.

For outdoor Metal or Stainless Steel:

Corrosion that appears within a few months of purchase or installation is usually the result of improper handling, fabrication, storage or cleaning. If corrosion staining occurs, it’s best to restore the finish with the Metal & Stainless Steel Cleaner from Plush Supreme. Here’s how you can use this product:

For outdoor Metal or Stainless Steel Architecture:

This may include window frames, taps, balcony railings or general structural architecture. ALWAYS remember to first test this product on a small inconspicuous area of the surface to be cleaned, to ascertain suitability. Lightly dust particles off from the surface. Shake well and Spray the Metal & Stainless Steel Cleaner directly onto the item and wipe the item with a dry cloth or paper towel in circular motions to help remove oxidation and corrosion.

For Metal or Stainless Outdoor Furniture items:

This may include a Stainless Steel braai, countertops, tables, chairs etc. Use as directed above.

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