Ease into the New Year with Plush

Getting to grips with the end of the festive season feels like walking out of a concert and into a boardroom meeting. January is like that parent that arrives unexpectedly at a party to take you home, it’s sobering, overwhelming and catches you off guard. The good news is this state of disorientation is relatively short lived and the sooner you accept the reality of the New Year the easier the transition. Plush offers a helping hand with a vast range of home and shoe care products guaranteed to support and keep you and your home in good form throughout the year. Ease into the New Year with the following products that require minimal effort but deliver maximum results.

In a rush but need your shoes in tip top condition?

1Try Plush Instant Shoe Shine Polishes and Shoe Shine Sponges to instantly clean, protect and renew leather and synthetic leather items for a beautiful shiny finish.


First test on small area to ensure suitability.

-Press applicator against shoe until moist, spread evenly and allow to dry.




Warming up some leftovers or preparing a meal in the oven? Get your appliances in ready to use condition with The Plush Supreme Oven Cleaner which is tough on grease and dirt. In one step the Plush Supreme Microwave Oven Cleaner will degrease and clean your microwave leaving behind a fresh, lemon aroma.2

Directions: Microwave Oven Cleaner

Shake can well and test on a small area of the appliance to ensure suitability.

-Spray onto microwave, taking care to avoid wiring and vents, and leave to stand for 5  min.

-Keep the door open, then using a cloth and warm water, wipe away dirt and grime.

-Repeat application if necessary.

Directions: Oven Cleaner

-Best results are achieved while the oven is still warm. Heat oven to 90°C then switch off.

– Shake can well and test on a small area to ensure suitability.

– Spray directly onto oven and leave to stand for 5min.

-Keep the door open, then using a cloth and warm water, wipe away dirt and grime repeatedly until completely clean.

-For stubborn grease spray product and leave overnight.

Pine Oil S&F 2Dealing with impossible spots and stains? Try the Plush Supreme Pine Oil Spray or Foam Spot /Stain Remover to tackle stubborn spots and stains on clothing and upholstery.


  • Test product on small area of item to ensure suitability.
  • Spray product directly onto spot/stain and immediately rub with a clean, white cloth.
  • Repeat this action until spot/stain has been removed.
  • For more stubborn spots/stains spray and allow to stand for 15min. Then rub with clean, white cloth.
  • Do not oversaturate items as this may cause shrinkage.