Tip of the Month – Care for your Leathers!

Loosen up those feathers – care for your leathers!

Whether you have bought leather or synthetic leather apparel, a regular process of cleaning and rejuvenating with the Plush Leather Cleaner and Plush Leather Renew will prolong their longevity and durability!

These Plush products are specially formulated to clean, nourish, polish and protect your favourite leather and synthetic leather goods, leaving them looking as good as new!

An easy cleaning and polishing process as follows:

  • Shake can well
  • First test these products on a small inconspicuous area of the item to be treated (may it be leather/synthetic leather bags, shoes, jackets, upholstery or accessories) to ascertain suitability.
  • Release foam from Plush Leather Cleaner onto the item to be cleaned by pressing the actuator. Spread foam and rub with a cloth to clean the item. Reverse cloth and buff to polish.
  • Available in Black and Brown, select the relevant colour of Plush Leather Renew to match the item to be treated. Apply a small quantity of Leather Renew and rub with a cloth in a circular motion. Allow to dry before buffing with a soft cloth to shine.

Plush Leather Cleaner and Plush Leather Renew are priced from R45.95 and are available from all leading retailers.