More time cooking, less time cleaning

Some people want the experience of cooking a meal over the stove to be as brief as possible, while others enjoy the meticulous steps it takes to deliver a Michelin style meal. Regardless of the time spent preparing a meal, everyone hates the hassle of cleaning up and trying to get rid of burnt on grease in and around stove plates.

The Plush Supreme Gas Cooktop Cleaner is a new product developed to remove stubborn burnt on grease on gas cooktops. The bottle is fitted with a trigger to help direct and release the powerful solution into hard to reach places, making sure your gas cooktop is thoroughly cleaned with a lasting shine.

The Plush Supreme Gas Cooktop Cleaner is the latest addition to the Plush Supreme Specialist range of household products all created to minimize cleaning time and maximize time spent doing the things you want to do.

How to use the Plush Supreme Gas Cooktop Cleaner:

  • Allow the surface to first cool.
  • Shake the bottle well, and test on a small surface area to ensure suitability.
  • Spray on to surface and allow to sit for 10min, for stubborn stains leave on for 30min.
  • Using a soft cloth wipe away dirt and grime

 The Plush Supreme Gas Cooktop Cleaner is priced from R39.99 at all major retailers.